Dwight Ward
Current Location

Okinawa, Japan

    In 2015, I was riding my motorcycle on a Los Angeles freeway, a route I had taken thousands of times. I was traveling at about 80+ MPH on the far left, which is considered to be the safest lane according to my instructors at Los Angles County Sheriffs Department motorcycle training school. I noticed that the traffic ahead was quickly slowing. Suddenly, a car turned into my lane, directly in front of my motorcycle. There was no escape and I was going to crash. At that moment, I said, “Well God, I guess I am going to die today”. I was at peace as I let go of the handlebars, and completely surrendered to God. According to the California Highway Patrol, (CHP) report, the witness who

was riding behind me saw the car collide into the right side of my motorcycle, causing me to be ejected and hit the concrete wall.